Held on 1-10th October, 2004 in Ankara Cankaya Museum of Contemporary Arts, the exhibition took its visitors to a time travel with a distinct feeling of nostalgia. The theme of this exhibiton was using old items that have meaning for the artists. Wooden chests of mothers, grandmothers was inspected to find material for the new creations, thereby bringing the title of the exhibition. More than 180 pieces were exhibited, including daily use items as well as art-motived pieces.

Sadiye Okyar has partaken in the exhibition with 6 works:
Imperial Legacy: Sparkling Tulip
Peace Blossoms in Nature
Peace Blossoms in Prayer
Kimono for the Couch
Wings of Silk
Delight in Each Breath

This time using more vivid colors than ever before, Mrs Okyar receieved very positive reactions from visitors of the exhibition both for the delicate workmanship and the color-fabric combinations.Canlı renkleri ilk defa bu kadar yoğun kullanan sanatçının çalışmaları, ziyaretçilerin yoğun ilgisini topladı.


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