Mrs Okyar was born in 1952 in Izmit, Turkey. She is the mother of two children. She has been living in Ankara, capital of Turkey, since 1988.

gcSince her youth, she has been interested in crafts such as sewing, hand-embroidery, crochet lace, fabric painting. And patchwork is the final ring of this chain.

She has started her patchwork Cnv0047hobby under the guidance of Mrs Selamet Ozaslan in 1995, with whom she quilted until 1999. Starting from 1999, Sadiye Okyar has been a member of GC Patchwork Studio owned by Mrs Gunsu Gungor.

She has been a participant in many quilt shows and exhibitions since 1995. And the most important event in this is in year 2000, Mrs Okyar actively participated in the first international patchwork exhibition of Turkey: Peace With Quilts 2000.

e-mail: sadiye@sadiyeokyar.com

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