Year: 2005

Dimensions 140cm x 140cm
Fabrics Cotton fabrics
Techniques Applique, Boutisse, Celtic.
Completion 230 quilt-hours
Artist’s comments This decorative table cloth is really catchy with its vivid colors. I wanted it to reflect the classical Ottoman style, with tulips and carnation. The hardest part of this work was the boutisse in the background. But I’m glad I utilized it in this piece, as the “third dimension” adds so much reality to the artwork.
I have aimed to create a piece both contemporary and antiquated, using the classical Ottoman art figure “tulip”. I have accentuated this bipolarity in the colorization: both modern and classical; accomodating east and west; seperate but connected, different yet harmonius…

I would like to express my special thanks to Mrs. Huri Gencay who has made the needle lace in the framing of this piece.



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