Year: 2004

Dimensions 200cm x 220cm
Fabrics Cotton satin and cotton fabrics
Techniques Applique, log cabin, cut-away applique, embroidery techniques (log cabins with machine, rest is hand made)
Completion 410 quilt-hours
Artist’s comments I had started the middle log-cabin section as a couch-cover. But after the delicate efforts I spent on it, I decided to turn this into a larger project and made a matress cover instead. This piece is one in a set of 3 related projects; matress cover (Peace Blossoms in Nature), prayer mat (Peace Blossoms in Prayer), wall hanging (Wings of Silk). The four blocks in the middle represent a season each and the theme of this piece is that nature is colorful and abundant throughout the year..

** I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs Huri Gencay who has made the final quilting of this piece.



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