October 2000 – June 2002

Dimensions 250cm x 250cm
Fabrics Cotton fabrics, emroidery ribbon, batics, needle lace, knitted lace.
Techniques Applique, fabric painting, trapunto, cut-a-way applique, baltimore flowers, ribbon embroidery, various embroidery techniques, celtic, punch
Completion period 680 quilt-hours
Artist’s comments First I created the landscape that includes appliques, punch, various embroidery styles and fabric painting. Afterwards I made the flowers in vases with Baltimore technique. Then came the cut-a-way applique with the ivy branches and leaves and afterwards I appliqued and painted the flowers and butterflies and finally added the birds with punch technique among the ivy.  Although the pictures do not do much credit to it, the left part in the background is embellished with trapunto.  And the overall is quilted by hand with seashell pattern. I can easily call this work “the masterpiece of my collection”.



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