Punch embroidery is a technique that creates a 3 dimension feeling on the  fabric surface. Using the special needle, it is a real work of art and taste to  make a new texture on the fabric. This technique is generally called “oil  painting with thread”, due to its advantage of using colors freely and in a  complex structure as in oil painting. With derivatives like Russian embroidery,  Bunka, punch embroidery, this technique entails embroidering on the reverse side  with the special needle and creating the 3D motif on the front side. Despite the  fact that the appearance is like carpet weaving, its delicacy merits it to be  rather called an art. Bunka is the Japanese version of this Russian-based art.  Its basic difference from punch is that the front side of the fabric is the work  side. This technique is generally used for landscape drawings. The use of  different sized needles enables threads of different thickness and 3D view even  more. This technique is a favorite especially when used in embellishing crazy  patchwork pieces. And it has a real harmony with ribbon embroidery.



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